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Subject: Digits & E-Books

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Akashic Digits: Free Digital Excerpts from the Akashic Catalog

  • Each month, we create themed e-books featuring excerpts from our front and back-list titles with links to exclusive print offers. Scroll down for our full catalog of Digits; to download, click on the corresponding .mobi (for Kindle) or .epub link.
  • The Digits are free, and often coincide with vendor-wide sales on titles related to the Digit.
  • Our latest release is the Elizabeth Nunez Digit, featuring excerpts from Nunez’s new memoir, Not for Everyday Use, as well as her novels Boundaries and Anna In-Between. The print editions of the two novels are available at a 50% discount from our website for the month of April, and the e-books are the subject of a vendor-wide discount for only $1.99 from April 21-March 4 wherever e-books are sold.
  • If you do not have a reader, you can download free software from Adobe Digital Editions (for Mac) or The Microsoft Reader (for Windows). Most major e-vendors are also now offering free applications for your desktop or mobile device.
  • If you have any difficulty downloading the mobi or epub links, your browser preference may be set to open the link in a new window. Try right-clicking and selecting “Save Link As . . . “. If that doesn’t work, email us at info [at] and we can send you the free excerpt direclty.
  • Over 180 of our titles are available as e-books, are distributed to the trade by Constellation, and are available wherever e-books are sold.




The first book in the Primal Age Chronicles, a debut series from Justin Kassab and Kaylie Jones Books.

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