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Featured: Black Interest


Elizabeth Nunez’s reissued fourth novel is a haunting, mesmerizing exploration into the often destructive price of passion.

Changers Book Two: Oryon

In Book Two of the Changers Series, our protagonist undergoes a second transformation—returning to a male body.

The Bernice L. McFadden Collection

Four Bernice L. McFadden classics collected into a single digital edition.

**All orders placed directly from our website are for paperback editions of the books.**

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Upcoming Events

Santa Fe Noir — Collected Works, Santa Fe, NM


Ariel Gore and contributors Jimmy Santiago Baca, Miriam Sagan, James Reich, Darryl Lorenzo Wellington, Elizabeth Lee, Ana June, Barbara Robidoux, Byron F. Aspaas, Kevin Atkinson, and Israel Francisco Haros Lopez launch Santa Fe Noir at Collected Works.

Columbus Noir — Thurber House, Columbus, OH

3/3/20, 7:00pm

Editor Andrew Welsh-Huggins and contributors Tom Barlow, Daniel Best, Laura Bickle, Chris Bournea, Kristen Lepionka, Craig McDonald, Yolonda Tonette Sanders, Mercedes King, and Robin Yocum launch Columbus Noir at Thurber House; book sales provided by The Book Loft. Tickets available:

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