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Summer Games

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Summer Games is a free e-book excerpt from Necropolis, the New Delhi crime novel by Avtar Singh.



Necropolis, the new crime novel by Avtar Singh, follows Sajan Dayal, a detective in pursuit of a serial (though nonlethal) collector of fingers in contemporary Delhi. He is joined in his investigation by his immediate subordinate, Kapoor—a world-weary cynic well acquainted with the hierarchy of Old Delhi’s criminal underground—and the up-and-coming female detective Smita, a modern child of New Delhi. Much like a television miniseries, the novel is organized in five parts—each part tasks these memorable detectives with solving a self-contained mystery, each bringing them closer to resolving the novel’s central mystery. Summer Games is the first of these “episodes.”

For a limited time, the e-book edition of Necropolis is available for only $2.99 wherever e-books are sold. The paperback edition of the novel is available from our website and in bookstores everywhere.

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AVTAR SINGH is the author of The Beauty of These Present Things. He has worked as a magazine editor in Mumbai and Delhi. He lives in Delhi with his wife, son, and singing dog. Necropolis is his latest novel.

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