Reverse-Gentrification of the Literary World

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Discussion Guide for The Devil’s Song

Click here to return to the book page. To download a printable copy of this Discussion Guide, please click here. 1. Kate comes from a well-connected political family. How do you think her connections shape her professional identity? How much do our family’s successes or struggles define our own lives? 2. Kate self-investigates the murders, […]

Discussion Guide for An Unkindness of Ghosts

Click here to return to the book page. To download a printable copy of this Discussion Guide, please click here. 1. Aboard Matilda, different peoples occupy different wings and decks, with few opportunities for interaction between them. In what ways does this organization mirror places in the real world and in what ways does it […]

Discussion Guide for The Painted Gun

1. In many ways The Painted Gun adheres to the strict formula of classic detective novels from the 1950s although it is set in the late 1990s. How well does the book color inside the lines of the genre, and it what ways does it push against them? 2. How have the technological innovations since […]

Discussion Guide for Getting It Right

1. Courage, tenacity, follow-through, the ability to bounce back in face of adversity, striving for excellence—these are all elements of resilience and grit. To what extent do Kara and Alex demonstrate resilience and grit? Do other characters demonstrate grit? Who and how so? 2. There are many stories in the papers and perhaps in your […]

Discussion Guide for City Mouse

Have you ever found yourself in a situation like Jessica with a new group of friends who have a different set of values than yours? Did you extract yourself, like Jessica, or try to find common ground? Should Jessica have told her husband that her new friends cheated on their spouses? Is there any truth […]

Review: Times Literary Supplement

Trying to be normal Review of South Haven for the Times Literary Supplement by Lucy Popescu When his mother dies in a car accident, ten-year-old Siddharth Arora is wrenched from his easy childhood. His father, Mohan Lal, a college lecturer, sinks into depression and Siddharth struggles to make new friends. One of his school companions […]

Discussion Guide for The Year of Needy Girls

1. What do the houses seem to represent for Deirdre in chapter one? What do they reveal about the way she sees herself and the world? 2. What do the school scenes suggest about the type of teacher Deirdre is? What is her greatest strength? Her weakness? 3. The title refers to Deirdre’s students but […]

Discussion Guide for All Waiting Is Long

1. The title of this novel, All Waiting Is Long, is an old Welsh proverb. What do you think is meant by this adage? In Chapter Four, Stanley recalls Violet using the expression while they are waiting in line to see Queenie the elephant. What other examples of waiting can be found in the book? […]