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The Devil’s Song


There’s a killer on the loose in Mission County, Pennsylvania . . . whose next victim might be the prosecuting attorney.

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Discussion Guide for The Devil’s Song

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1. Kate comes from a well-connected political family. How do you think her connections shape her professional identity? How much do our family’s successes or struggles define our own lives?

2. Kate self-investigates the murders, often shutting others out rather than asking for help. As a reader, did you ever judge Kate for her “rogue” behavior?

3. Knowing her backstory, do you have sympathy for Tess? Do you feel her behavior toward Kate throughout the book was excusable?

4. Kate has had a lifelong struggle with fear and trusting others due to her traumatic childhood. How does Kate’s personal struggle predispose her feelings toward the victims in the investigation?

5. Tess says, “Her mother loved a lot of things. Men, drugs, alcohol. But her mother didn’t love her.” Do you think this is an accurate description of Judy? Did you feel the same way at the conclusion of the book?

6. Could Nick Granteed have put an end to the murders? As the reader, did you believe Nick thought he was protecting Kate and Tess, or was he aiding Gina in following through with her revenge plot?

7. Tess would appear to have every right to blame her mother for much of the disorder in her life. To what extent, however, do you think her blame is an evasion of responsibility that she would be wiser to accept?

8. Does Sam’s personal involvement with Kate affect his ability to function as a detective? Are there ways in which the relationship improves and deepens his insights?

9. What’s the effect of having Kate’s dreams interspersed throughout the book? In what ways does it help you understand what’s happening to her?

10. Did you find that Sam’s assertion, that he doesn’t take orders from Judge Magda in an attempt to get ahead professionally, rang true? How far have you gone or would you be willing to go to climb the professional ladder?