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News & Features » April 2013 » (Video) Jamaicans love Anthony C. Winkler!

(Video) Jamaicans love Anthony C. Winkler!

To celebrate the release of The Family Mansion, Akashic publisher Johnny Temple recorded a video (directed by Alexis Fleisig) that makes it clear: Jamaicans love Anthony C. Winkler!

More praise for The Family Mansion:

“Jamaica-born Winkler opens a door into a cultural period beset by an inhumane system that poisons relationships between whites and blacks.” —Kirkus Reviews

“A powerful and deeply moving tour de force . . . Essential reading for fans of literary fiction.” —Library Journal

“The brutalities of Jamaica’s past and the myriad social and cultural contradictions that contributed to it are conveyed with a genuine fondness for this complicated and conflicted place. A surprising, and surprisingly sophisticated, approach to historical fiction.” —Publishers Weekly

“A riveting social commentary on British nobility forced onto an undeveloped island, this isn’t Robert Crawley meets Bob Marley circa 1800s—although one could imagine Downton Abbey‘s Maggie Smith uttering a few of the biting and sarcastic lines throughout this humorous page-turner.” —The Atlantan

“Winkler may be the best novelist you’ve never heard of.  He continues the brilliant, irreverent recasting of Europe’s colonization of Jamaica . . . Winkler tells a story seeped in satire, sex and humor. Another textbook example of fine fiction writing.” —Atlanta Magazine

 “Jamaican-born novelist Anthony Winkler’s forthcoming novel, The Family Mansion, conjures up the cruelties of slavery with the author’s trademark irreverence and wit . . . The first two novels of Winkler’s captivating trilogy are rife with hypnotic imagery and fascinating historical asides. They evoke the colonial world with erudition, irony, and complexity, and should be read by anyone interested in the broader implications of empire.” —Brooklyn Rail

Posted: Apr 30, 2013

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