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Tag: Jamaica

“Lost At Sea” by John Mancini

Tommy was pointing out the sights of Montego Bay, shouting to be heard above the rumble of the boat’s engine as it navigated out of the crowded harbor, but Deb wasn’t listening…

“Rivah Mumma” by Dionne Peart

The constables looked at the river foaming angrily as it crashed against the rocks. Puzzled, their eyes searched the water where it flowed calmly into the sea, looking for some sign of Delroy—a shirt, a shoe, something to explain what had happened to him . . .

Garfield Ellis: On Writing The Angels’ Share

To celebrate the release of The Angels’ Share — the latest from acclaimed author Garfield Ellis — we’re pleased to feature a statement from the author on how his fascination with regret formed the core of his novel.