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News & Features » March 2015 » Spotlight on Doctor Dread’s Famous Jamaican Jerk Products

Spotlight on Doctor Dread’s Famous Jamaican Jerk Products

To celebrate the release of The Half That’s Never Been Told: The Real-Life Reggae Adventures of Doctor Dread — a new memoir by iconic reggae producer Doctor Dread, with an introduction by Bunny Wailer — we’re pleased to bring you a spotlight on Doctor Dread’s Famous Jamaican Jerk Products.

New Yorkers can taste Dread’s food for themselves TONIGHT at the Brooklyn Public Library! Click here for more information.

doctordreadsjerkIn addition to his incredible career in the music industry and authoring The Half That’s Never Been Told, Doctor Dread has also branched out to bring his infamous jerk recipe to the world at large. Doctor Dread’s Famous Jamaican Jerk peanuts, chips, rubs, and sauces are now available for sale worldwide!

After spending over twenty years in and around Port Antonio, Jamaica — the birthplace of jerk wild boar — noted reggae music producer Doctor Dread perfected his recipe for making the best jerk chicken anyone had tasted inside or out of Jamaica. Doctor Dread adopted his methods from the Maroon slaves of Jamaica, who needed to preserve their meats so they could keep moving when they were on the run from British soldiers in the 1700s. So they jerked and slow roasted it. Now you can enjoy the same delicious flavor!

Whereas most jerk chefs use either a wet sauce or a dry rub, Doctor Dread uses both to bring out the best possible flavor. Whether it’s a dry, flavorful rub or a wet, succulent sauce, Dread has you covered. You can also enjoy the same great flavor on the go with his jerk peanuts and kettle cooked potato chips. Enjoy Doctor Dread’s Famous Jerk Seasoning and Rub and make the best jerk in the world. Be on the lookout out for other tasty treats coming soon!

Visit Doctor Dread’s Famous Jamaican Jerk’s website for recipes, how-to videos, order information, and more.

Caught in a jerk jam? Bordering on cooking disaster? Call in to the jerk hotline: 301-908-9450!

Posted: Mar 4, 2015

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