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Join Us at the Brooklyn Book Festival!


Join us at the Brooklyn Book Festival this Sunday, September 21, at Borough Hall! Visit the Akashic team at booth #124 from 10 AM–6 PM, and check out free panels throughout the day featuring Akashic authors, including Joyce Carol Oates, Jill Mullin, Salar Abdoh, K’wan, Barbara J. Taylor, Eric Charles May, C.J. Farley, and more! See below for panel listings.


1:00 PM Imprisonment: In literature, prison can be a literal place and a metaphor. Whether it’s a man leaving prison with a religious transformation, a teenager sentenced to life for murdering his girlfriend, or characters held captive in their seemingly ordinary lives, these authors look at the different ways in which society can incarcerate us all. Joyce Carol Oates (ed. Prison Noir), Eric Charles May (Bedrock Faith), and Kathy Page (Alphabet) talk imprisonment of the mind, body, and soul. Moderated by Paul Morris, PEN American Center.

YOUTH PAVILION (Columbus Park)

5:00 PM Welcome to Fantasy Island: NYT bestselling author Scott Westerfeld (Afterworlds) is joined by debut novelist C.J. Farley (Game World) and critically acclaimed Cara Lynn Shultz (The Dark World) to discuss the making of fantasy and the richly imagined worlds of their compelling and fast-paced novels, respectively set in a world between the living and the dead, an online fantasy role-playing game and an alternate version of our world overrun by demons. Moderated by literary agent and author of The Well’s End, Seth Fishman.

ST. FRANCIS MCARDLE (180 Remsen Street)

3:00 PM Where I’m Writing From: Hometown Fiction: Many authors follow the adage, “write what you know.” Barbara J. Taylor (Sing in the Morning, Cry at Night), Kseniya Melnik (Snow in May), and Rene Steinke (Friendswood) are playing by different rules: They write where they know—more specifically, about the diverse settings from which they originate, which span the core of America’s coal-mining industry, a remote port town in Russia’s Far East, and a small, tight-knit Texas community. Moderated by Jonathan Lee.

ST. ANN & THE HOLY TRINITY CHURCH (157 Montague Street)

3:30 PM Influence of the Real: Three literary powerhouses read from their work and discuss how real lives and circumstances served as the inspiration for their fictional creations. Francine Prose (Lovers at the Chameleon Club, Paris 1932), Paul Auster (Winter Journal), and Joyce Carol Oates (Lovely, Dark, Deep Stories). Moderated by journalist Hirsh Sawhney (editor, Delhi Noir)


11:00 AM Fact Finders and Fact Fakers: Journalists are expected to tell the facts, but what happens when you’re reading a novel about them? No narrator is reliable in these worlds of fictional realism. In these books, the lives of a prestigious newspaper editor, a professor of creative reportage, and a magazine researcher intersect with the greater world—and wars—around them. Lorraine Adams (The Room and the Chair), Salar Abdoh (Tehran at Twilight), and Boris Fishman talk journalism, fiction, and all that lies in between. Moderated by Julia Dahl (Invisible City).

12:00 PM Autism Portraits: Even as awareness and understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has grown in recent years, there is still much to be discovered. Jill Mullin (Drawing Autism) and debut novelist Morowa Yejidé (Time of the Locust) discuss the roles that ASD play in their new books. Moderated by president and founder of Extreme Kids & Crew, Eliza Factor (The Mercury Fountain).

3:00 PM Scene of the Crime: Murder becomes personal in these thrillers by some of today’s most exciting crime fiction writers. A.X. Ahmad (The Last Taxi Ride), S.J. Rozan (pseudonym Sam Cabot, Skin of the Wolf) andK’wan (Black Lotus) tackle homicides, conspiracies, and never-ending plot twists in their haunting, fast-paced novels. Short readings and discussion. Moderated by Ibrahim Ahmad.

Posted: Sep 19, 2014

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