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West Jerusalem Noir

In West Jerusalem Noir—published simultaneously with East Jerusalem Noir—the Akashic Noir Series visits one of the world’s most complex locales, in this volume from the perspective of Israeli writers (translated from Hebrew by Yardenne Greenspan)

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Detroit Noir

Motor City’s finest literary talents—including Oates, Estleman, Holden, and Parrish—offer a shadowed spectrum of gripping, haunted visions.

Los Angeles Noir

Los Angeles Noir brings you tales of crime and passion and betrayal from some of the most innovative and celebrated writers working today.

Richmond Noir

The River City emerges as a hot spot for unseemly noir as life, death, and American history mix together into a frightening Southern cocktail.

Lagos Noir (Nigeria)

West Africa enters the Noir Series arena, meticulously edited by one of Nigeria’s best-known authors.