Reverse-Gentrification of the Literary World

Akashic Books

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Portland Noir

Explore the dark, rainy underbelly of one of America’s most beautiful but enigmatic cities.

Twin Cities Noir: The Expanded Edition

An expanded edition—with brand-new stories added to the fourth printing of this best-selling Noir Series installment. Here, the unseemly underside of Minneapolis/St. Paul is revealed like never before.

Helsinki Noir (Finland)

Helsinki Noir joins Copenhagen Noir in representing the Akashic Noir Series in the far north of Europe, exposing its frigid and sometimes frightening confines.

Baltimore Noir

Mystery queenpin Lippman and cohorts dissect the urban locale unaffectionately called Bulletmore, in the state of the Union ingloriously labeled Murderland.

Delhi Noir (India)

The legendary city of Delhi, India provides fertile ground for stories of darkness and despair.

Los Angeles Noir 2: The Classics

The sequel to Los Angeles Noir, an award-winning Los Angeles Times best-seller, this volume explores the history of the noir literary tradition on its home turf.

Queens Noir

On the heels of Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx, the borough of Queens enters the chambers of noir in this riveting collection edited by defense attorney and acclaimed fiction writer Robert Knightly.