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October 2014 News & Features

“A Better Life on San-Bay-O” by Hallie Price

After Dad went to prison for running over a six-year-old girl while driving home from the Sandbar, I had to make money fast so Mom could feed her prescription pill habit—as well as my younger brother—and pay the rent . . .

“Getting Bombed in Iraq” by Raymond E. Lee

A hole at the base of a crumbling T-wall was the only point of entry to the group’s hideaway. Inside they were like kids in a clubhouse. They felt safe there, the wash of incandescent lighting creating shadows from every angle. They could drink, smoke, play cards, and talk shit about everybody they worked with without fear of outsiders or superiors intruding . . .

Etgar Keret’s Introduction to Tel Aviv Noir

To celebrate the release of Tel Aviv Noir, the latest in Akashic’s Noir Series, we’re pleased to bring you a glimpse behind the city’s warm exterior with coeditor Etgar Keret’s introduction, “The Dark Side of the Bubble.”