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March 2014 News & Features

“Enchanted” by Austin McLellan

The cop’s fingers were as thick as the sausages he stabbed with the fork and stuffed in his mouth. Probably as greasy, too, Tual thought as he drank coffee in a booth. He watched the cop sitting at the counter . . .

Johnny Temple Interviews Eric Charles May and Bernice L. McFadden

To celebrate the release of Eric Charles May’s debut novel, Bedrock Faith, Johnny Temple spoke with Eric Charles May and Bernice L. McFadden (author of Glorious, Nowhere Is a Place, Gathering of Waters, and The Warmest December, among others) about authorship, collective narration, mainstream literary culture, underappreciated authors, and more.

“The Last Stud” by Paul Renault

On the few days out of the year when the range was closed he’d get out the duct tape and stick the PVC-and-wadding suppressor on his Ruger .22 pistol. He’d load it with subsonics. He’d open the window, take out the screen, and throw some empty beer cans out in the yard. Then he’d stand back in the dark of his room and make them dance . . .

Featured: Black Interest