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Weekly Roundup for 6/21/13


Every Friday, the Akashic team highlights industry news, reviews, and features from around the web. This week’s roundup comes to you from Akashic interns Melissa Bean and Gabriella Balza.

Kids can get their books through a vending machine now. What?

Combine complimentary meals, books, and a castle to stay in overnight, and you win every literary lover’s heart. Residential libraries—they’re a thing now.

Alice Munro may or may not be retiring, but probably most likely is.

Check out Vice’s 2013 Fiction issue featuring all female writers, including four-time Noir Series contributor Joyce Carol Oates.

Now that we’re deep into the summer blockbuster stretch, it seems that everything you’re going to see in theaters was something else before. Mental Floss compiled a list of books you’ll probably never see on the big screen.

Joining previous inductees like ‘grrrl’ and ‘muggle’, ‘tweet’ and ‘mouseover’  are two of the words being added to the Oxford English dictionary this year.

Does the literature of an era have to reflect the reality of it? Book Beast tackles that in an article about the role of obesity in modern American Fiction.

And finally, Slate published an article explaining why you probably won’t finish it, this, or anything else you read on the internet.



Posted: Jun 21, 2013

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