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Weekly Roundup for 6/14/13


Every Friday, the Akashic team highlights industry news, reviews, and features from around the web. This week’s roundup comes to you from Akashic interns Melissa Bean and Gabriella Balza.

Love Reading, Hate Books has been collecting the hilariously negative reviews of all the books your high school English teachers kept nagging you to read. No one said anything about the classics being sacred.

In honor of Man of Steel’s release, a fun infographic about characters who survived the horror of their planets being destroyed.

What would you read with an undisclosed amount of downtime? See what the prisoners of Guantanamo Bay have to read.

Authors are riding the struggle bus with their low royalty rate.

Apparently, “Choose Your Own Adventure” is being made into a movie. Yeah, we don’t know how that’s going to work either.

Are independent presses no longer the ‘minor leagues’?


Posted: Jun 14, 2013

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