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Anthony Ervin and Constantine Markides Honored for CHASING WATER

The International Swimming Hall of Fame presented their 2018 Specialty Awards this month: Anthony Ervin and Constantine Markides received the Buck Dawson Author Award for their co-written memoir of Ervin’s Olympic career, Chasing Water: Elegy of An Olympian. Congratulations to both!

The Rio Dispatches: Day 2

We’re absolutely thrilled that Akashic author Anthony Ervin is currently competing at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio! Read all about his Chasing Water: Elegy of an Olympian coauthor Constantine Markides’s jet-lagged adventure through Rio in his latest behind-the-scenes report.

The Rio Dispatches: Day 1

Get a behind-the-scenes look at Akashic author Anthony Ervin’s part in the 4×100 freestyle relay with a special dispatch from his Chasing Water: Elegy of an Olympian coauthor Constantine Markides.

“Fresh Air” by Laurie Loewenstein

They stood off to one side of the excited throng who were cheering and holding up hand-lettered signs as the TrailWays Bus pulled into the church parking lot. Val chewed at the skin around her nails. When she saw Mark watching her, a tight smile crossed her face.

“It’ll be okay?” Her eyebrows raised in question. “He’ll be a good kid. Right? The Fresh Air people wouldn’t send him if, you know, he had problems . . .”