Reverse-Gentrification of the Literary World

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Tag: short fiction

“Civil Blood” by S. Douglas Hosdale

A hush had fallen over Hvar. The fish market was closed, and the cold cement countertops were empty and the knives and scales aremained untouched. The cold weather of fall had descended upon us with a ferocious howl of wind and a violent clap of thunder, and I watched the few bright patches of shimmery water fade into a dark sea . . .

“Guango River” by Tricia Allen

The lunch bell begins to ring, so we say our prayers, chewing the words up in our mouths with half-open eyes as we watch our teacher, leather belt in hand . . .

“Children Play While Shadows Walk” by Neala Bhagwansingh

We scampered across the assembly hall to peep out of the wooden louvered windows of our primary school, hoping to catch a glimpse of the parents as the cars pulled up across the street at the porte cochere of the Members Club to deposit their passengers . . .