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A Crime, a Mystery, and a Happy Ending

Housing Works Bookstore & Café assistant store manager Merril Speck approached our booth at BEA with a refreshing counterpoint to the hours of hyper-commercial meetings, greetings, queries, and conversations for which the trade show is known. His idea for an International Crime Book Group—to help engage the non-profit’s clients while securing contributions from publishers—stood out from the mundane busyness with which we were otherwise engaged. We agreed to contribute (our Venice Noir is on the group’s docket), and, in service to our International Crime Month theme, asked him to tell us more about himself, Housing Works, and the International Crime Book Group. We’re pleased to find his writing style just a little bit noir.

June Is International Crime Month!

Akashic Books has partnered with three influential independent publishers—Grove Atlantic, Melville House, and Europa Editions—for a month-long initiative featuring acclaimed crime fiction authors, editors, critics, and publishers appearing together in a series of readings, panels, and discussions!