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News & Features » October 2013 » Simon’s Cat in Good Company: Tiny the Usurper, Community Bookstore (Brooklyn)

Simon’s Cat in Good Company: Tiny the Usurper, Community Bookstore (Brooklyn)

October is cat month here at Akashic, as all of us adore those furry felines (well, almost all of us—someone here has allergies). We’re celebrating the release of Simon’s Cat vs. the World (available everywhere as of October 1st!) by featuring some of our favorite bookstore and library cats from around the world. Did you see us going cat-crazy on Tumblr a few months back? This is why. Come back every Wednesday and Friday in October to be introduced to a new purrfect pal.

(Interested in finding a feline friend of your own? Consider adopting one on October 29th, also known as National Cat Day!)

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Tiny the Usurper, the fiercest bookstore co-owner we have ever seen, resident cat at the nearby Community Bookstore in Brooklyn. Tiny speaks for himself on his own Twitter feed (@TinytheUsurper), selections from which are included below. Enjoy.

Tiny Community Bookstore 1

  Tiny Community Bookstore cat 2


Tiny Community Bookstore Cat 3



(Ed. note: The caption from that last photo of Tiny, sent to us by way of the Community Bookstore’s Instagram, reads: When I sleep on blank notebooks I fill the pages with dreams written in invisible ink…squirrels..so many squirrels…

Also, Tiny is secretly a tiger.)

Posted: Oct 16, 2013

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