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News & Features » October 2013 » Simon’s Cat in Good Company: The Great Catsby, Gallery Bookshop (Mendocino, CA)

Simon’s Cat in Good Company: The Great Catsby, Gallery Bookshop (Mendocino, CA)

October is cat month here at Akashic, as all of us adore those furry felines (well, almost all of us—someone here has allergies). We’re celebrating the release of Simon’s Cat vs. the World (available everywhere as of October 1st!) by featuring some of our favorite bookstore and library cats from around the world. Did you see us going cat-crazy on Tumblr a few months back? This is why. Come back every Wednesday and Friday in October to be introduced to a new purrfect pal.

(Interested in finding a feline friend of your own? Consider adopting one on October 29th, also known as National Cat Day!)

Today, we would like to introduce you to The Great Catsby, the furriest old sport at The Gallery Bookshop (Mendocino, CA). From Gallery’s staff:

This handsome specimen is known in the coastal village of Mendocino, California as The Great Catsby. Visitors from all over the world comment on his imposing yet sweet presence in the bookshop, and many make return visits just to visit the rakish fellow. Quite comfortable in populated shops and businesses, Catsby makes regular rounds through town, often visiting the nearest bar. His sociability and outgoing nature are ultimately what brought him to Gallery Bookshop; he was found wandering in and out of local businesses by a friend of the bookstore, who suggested that he would be a good candidate for employment. Could he read? Of course. He even chooses Staff Picks: I Could Pee On This: And Other Poems by Cats and How to Be a Cat are among his favorites.

The Great Catsby 2

(Ed. note: Look. At. His. Tongue. !!!)

The Great Catsby 3

(Ed. note II: “‘See!’ he cried triumphantly. ‘It’s a bona-fide piece of printed matter. It fooled me. This [gal’s] a regular Belasco. It’s a triumph. What thoroughness! What realism! Knew when to stop, too – didn’t cut the pages. But what do you want? What do you expect?'” 

[okay, so that’s actually a Gatsby quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald, but it seems incredibly appropriate, given the circumstances.])

The Great Catsby

(Ed. note III: Appropriately majestic. The Gallery Bookshop is lucky to have such a dapper cat!)

Posted: Oct 9, 2013

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