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News & Features » October 2013 » Simon’s Cat in Good Company: Penny, Swansea Public Library (Massachusetts)

Simon’s Cat in Good Company: Penny, Swansea Public Library (Massachusetts)

October is cat month here at Akashic, as all of us adore those furry felines (well, almost all of us—someone here has allergies). We’re celebrating the release of Simon’s Cat vs. the World (available everywhere as of October 1st!) by featuring some of our favorite bookstore and library cats from around the world. Did you see us going cat-crazy on Tumblr a few months back? This is why. Come back every Wednesday and Friday in October to be introduced to a new purrfect pal.

(Interested in finding a feline friend of your own? Consider adopting one on October 29th, also known as National Cat Day!)

Today, meet Penny, the Swansea Public Library‘s furriest co-worker. From the library staff:

Penny the has been with the Swansea Public Library for nine years, when she was adopted from a local animal shelter. She has since become our mascot. Patrons of all ages come in and immediately ask, “Where’s Penny?” Her favorite pastimes include sleeping in boxes entirely too small for her, playing hide and seek in the library stacks, and eating.


(Ed. note: I would like to point out that the file name of the above picture is “Penny Posing.” This cat can vogue it. Look at those legs!!!)

(Ed. note II: Penny is also so modest about her survival in the face of those who are anti–library cats! Stay strong, Penny!)

Posted: Oct 4, 2013

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