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News & Features » October 2013 » Simon’s Cat in Good Company: Kitty, Shakespeare & Company (Paris)

Simon’s Cat in Good Company: Kitty, Shakespeare & Company (Paris)

October is cat month here at Akashic, as all of us adore those furry felines (well, almost all of us—someone here has allergies). We’re celebrating the release of Simon’s Cat vs. the World (available everywhere as of October 1st!) by featuring some of our favorite bookstore and library cats from around the world. Did you see us going cat-crazy on Tumblr a few months back? This is why. Come back every Wednesday and Friday in October to be introduced to a new purrfect pal.

(Interested in finding a feline friend of your own? Consider adopting one on October 29th, also known as National Cat Day!)

Today, meet Kitty! Shakespeare & Company (Paris)‘s resident furball. From the store staff:

Kitty is currently watching what he eats because he looks increasingly like a small sheep. His best friend is the bookstore dog, Colette: sometimes they wind each other up, and Kitty can be a bad influence on Colette, but mostly they get on well and are well-behaved. Kitty likes to stroll magesterially over the keyboards when people are trying to work . . . and there’s cat hair everywhere!

Kitty of Shakespeare and Company

(Ed. note: I saw a corgi in a backpack while en route to work today and thought I wouldn’t see any animal more content to be sitting around. I have been proven wrong.)

Posted: Oct 2, 2013

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