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News & Features » June 2015 » SALE: Boston Noir & Boston Noir 2: The Complete Set e-book bundle available now!

SALE: Boston Noir & Boston Noir 2: The Complete Set e-book bundle available now!


Boston Noir & Boston Noir 2: The Complete Set combines all twenty-five stories from best seller Boston Noir — edited by Dennis Lehane — and its sequel, Boston Noir 2: The Classics — edited by Lehane, Mary Cotton, & Jaime Clarke — into a single digital edition; featuring Lehane’s own “Animal Rescue,” the basis for the motion picture The Drop, and twenty-four classic noir stories set throughout Boston.

This new e-book bundle is available for $15.99 wherever e-books are sold —including Nook, Apple, GooglePlay, Amazon Kindle, and Kobo. (Don’t forget to support your local independent bookstore with your Kobo purchase! A full list of participating Kobo partners can be found at IndieBound.).

You can also get physical copies when ordered directly from our website; click here to purchase.

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Praise for Boston Noir and Boston Noir 2: The Classics:

“Dennis Lehane advises us not to judge the genre by its Hollywood images of sharp men in fedoras lighting cigarettes for femmes fatales standing in the dark alleys . . . [Lehane] writes persuasively of the gentrification that has . . . left people feeling crushed.”
New York Times, on Boston Noir

“The contributor list is delightfully quirky . . . The collection’s unifying element is a deep understanding of Boston’s Byzantine worlds of race and class–as seen terrifyingly in Andre Dubus’s tale of milltown resentment and pampered preppies.”
Boston Globe, on Boston Noir 2: The Classics

Posted: Jun 30, 2015

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