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News & Features » June 2021 » Quarantine Q&A: David Yow, Parts I & II

Quarantine Q&A: David Yow, Parts I & II

David Yow talks to Johnny about cats, his worst job ever, acting, ribs, Scratch Acid, The Jesus Lizard, peeing on a kid named Bruce in grade school, stealing caviar, morality, his acting career, conflicts with cops, and more.

David Yow’s book, Copycat: And a Litter of Other Cats, can be found here.

DAVID YOW is an artist, actor, and musician who is best known as the singer of the bands the Jesus Lizard—arguably the best and most popular indie rock band of the 1990s—and Scratch Acid. He lives in Los Angeles.

Posted: Jun 5, 2021

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