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Kindle Monthly Deal: November

E-book enthusiasts! Four Akashic titles have been selected for a Kindle Monthly Deal! Each Kindle e-book is only $2.99 on Amazon for the entire month of November: The Book of Harlan, The Scientology Murders, Getting It Rightand Born on the Fourth of July. 


From Bernice L. McFadden comes the story of two African American musicians captured by Nazis in Paris and imprisoned at the Buchenwald concentration camp. The Book of Harlan is the winner of an American Book Award and the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work. Click here to purchase the Kindle edition!

Praise for The Book of Harlan:

“McFadden packs a powerful punch with tight prose and short chapters that bear witness to key events in early twentieth-century history: both World Wars, the Great Depression, and the Great Migration. Partly set in the Jim Crow South, the novel succeeds in showing the prevalence of racism all across the country—whether implemented through institutionalized mechanisms or otherwise. Playing with themes of divine justice and the suffering of the righteous, McFadden presents a remarkably crisp portrait of one average man’s extraordinary bravery in the face of pure evil.”
Booklist, Starred review


The second installment in the Dead Detective series, by three time Pulitzer Prize nominee William Heffernan, finds protagonist Harry Doyle embroiled in a multiple-murder investigation involving Scientology executives. Click here to purchase the Kindle edition!

Praise for The Scientology Murders:

“Heffernan’s style harks back to traditional hard-boiled mysteries . . . The Scientology Murders isn’t likely to make the church’s recommended reading list, but for mystery fans it’s an entertaining tale.”
Tampa Bay Times



In Karen E. Osborne’s debut novel, half-sisters Kara and Alex—one the biracial product of foster care, the other of dysfunctional privilege—struggle for redemption and forgiveness. Click here to purchase the Kindle edition!

Praise for Getting It Right:

“Looking for an edge-of-your-seat suspense yarn? You won’t find a more absorbing story than Getting It Right . . . In it we get to know half sisters Kara and Alex, who meet for the first time as adults. Over two weeks in March, the siblings deal with both their own and common issues and drama in ways that entertain and enlighten.”
Essence, “One of Summer’s Best Reads”



This New York Times best seller details author, Ron Kovic’s, life story—from a patriotic soldier in Vietnam, to his severe battlefield injury, to his role as the country’s most outspoken anti-Vietnam War advocate, spreading his message from his wheelchair. Click here to purchase the Kindle edition!

Praise for Born on the Fourth of July:

Born on the Fourth of July tells the story of its author’s transition from war hawk to protestor after being paralyzed in Vietnam, and coming home to a lukewarm reception. It’s no coincidence that ‘Born in The U.S.A.’ tells very much the same tale.”

Posted: Nov 2, 2017

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