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News & Features » May 2014 » Join us at the Extreme Kids & Crew May Soirée!

Join us at the Extreme Kids & Crew May Soirée!

This Wednesday, May 14, Extreme Kids & Crew honors  Drawing Autism editor Jill Mullin—winner of the inaugural Felix Award in Art—at their Second Annual Gala Celebration, 8pm, Littlefield, 622 Degraw Street, Brooklyn.

RSVPs are required to attend this fundraising gala. Follow this like to donate and receive your golden ticket!: https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/extremekidsandcrew

Your Donation will help Extreme Kids & Crew directly pay for 25 children to take classes at Extreme Kids—at no cost to their families.



“Like you, we believe all children deserve innovative, quality arts programming regardless of their family’s ability to pay for it. It costs us on average $1000/child per 10-week course. Give a child with a disability the opportunity to join in our arts, music, and movement classes, playgroups and after school programming for free.” —Extreme Kids & Crew

At the gala, Extreme Kids & Crew will honor individuals in the arts who have moved the general public’s perception of disability away from fear and loathing, to a more nuanced wonder at the multiplicity of being and the diversity of experience. Rosanne Cash will present the Felix Award in Writing to Andrew Solomon, whose book Far From the Tree illuminates the experiences of parents raising children with disabilities, provides valuable analytic tools for understanding complicated family dynamics, and demonstrates the transformative power of communities based on difference.

Karen Pittman will present the Felix Award in Art to Jill Mullin, whose book Drawing Autism showcases an impressive array of work by professional and amateur artists on the autism spectrum, blasting through the misconception that people with autism have no imagination.

The leadership at Extreme Kids & Crew is comprised of parents who have experience both inside and outside the world of disability and are acutely aware of the general population’s awkwardness, fear, pity, and sometimes outright derision regarding people with disabilities. While living with disability and caring for those with disabilities is no picnic, neither is it the gloomy tomb it is often made out to be. Indeed the challenges, pains, frustrations, and injustices associated with disability can lead to creativity, resilience, humor and novel ways of perceiving the world. Much of the disconnect between what disability looks like from the outside and what it feels like from the inside has do with misunderstanding and inexperience.

We at Akashic hope you will help Extreme Kids & Crews realize is fund-raising goal—they’re tantalizingly close!



Posted: May 12, 2014

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