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News & Features » May 2014 » Inside Infamous: A Q&A With Swing Author Miasha

Inside Infamous: A Q&A With Swing Author Miasha

Swing_currentMay is publication month for three new releases from Infamous Books: Swing by Miasha, The White House by JaQuavis Coleman, and Black Lotus by K’wan. We’ve asked each of these authors to answer some rapid-fire questions about their novellas and themselves. Today, see what Miasha has to say aboutSwing, what’s next for her, and what to buy her if you meet her at a bar.

ATLANTA: Miasha will be appearing at Medu Bookstore (Greenbriar Mall, 2841 Greenbriar Pkwy SW) on Saturday, May 17, from 2–5 PM, signing copies of Swing and her other works! She’ll also appear that weekend at Written Magazine’s Wine and Words Literary Soirée; please click here for details.

Tells us the plot of Swing in three sentences or less:

Four sexy couples have one steamy place in common—Puss & Boots, a swinger’s club where their wildest fantasies birth their worst nightmares.

What one adjective best describes Swing?


Who would play your protagonist in a movie?

Angela Bassett would play the hell out of Lyssa.

What would be a good theme song for Swing?

The Weeknd’s rendition of “Dirty Diana.”

Name a favorite line from Swing.

“You wanna make a bitch tremble?” she asked. “Well, so do I!”

What do you prefer about writing a novella over writing a full-length book? What’s harder?

The funny thing is writing this novella was much like writing a full-length novel for me. I tend to write short novels. It’s this thing about wanting to hurry and get to the good parts that make me write fast-paced novels. My editor once described my writing style as “made for film.”

What are you reading now? Who are you influenced or inspired by?

I read a lot of nonfiction these days. However, the last fiction story I read was H.N.I.C. by Prodigy. I loved the action. I am influenced and inspired by great writers/artists like Jay-Z, Kanye West, Maya Angelou, and lately Shonda Rhimes.

What do you hope your readers are feeling when they finish Swing?

A chill. I literally want them to shake a bit and then exhale.

What one author do you hope reads Swing?

Zane! I never intended to write erotica, but since I did, I’d love for one of the best to have ever done it to read and review my piece.

If we run into you at a bar, what’s your drink?

Malibu and pineapple and a side of hookah.

What’s next for you?

Swing 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc. I want it to be a series that is loved and appreciated across generations, modeled after television novellas like All My Children and General Hospital.



MIASHA is the author of several best-selling novels, including Secret Society and Diary of a Mistress. Her books have received rave reviews in national media such as BET, CBS, CN8, The Wendy Williams Experience, Essence, Vibe, Jet, and Elle. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband and two sons. Swing is her latest work.

Posted: May 13, 2014

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