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News & Features » August 2013 » Indie Bookstore Spotlight: Quimby’s Bookstore (Wicker Park, Chicago)

Indie Bookstore Spotlight: Quimby’s Bookstore (Wicker Park, Chicago)

Welcome to Akashic in Good Company, a weekly feature highlighting some of the amazingly talented, hard-working, committed people Akashic has had the pleasure of working with over the past fifteen years. This week we are delighted to feature a virtual tour of a not-to-miss indie bookstore in Chicago: Quimby’s Bookstore!


Welcome to Quimby’s!

Quimby’s Bookstore is an independently-owned bookstore that sells independently-published and small press books, comics, zines, and ephemera. We favor the unusual, the aberrant, the saucy, and the lowbrow. We’re in Chicago’s Wicker Park area, at 1854 W. North Avenue, Chicago.


“Drawn to Quimby’s” from the Chicago Tribune Printer’s Row

Graphic Novels

Graphic Novels

We provide space for writers, zinesters, comics artists, and self-publishers to sell their work, meet, have events, and also to get the word out about their work. We create a space for them to congregate and see what materials their peers and fellow publishers are working on. Got something you published and you want to sell it here? Check out our consignment agreement.



We have so much stuff! And so much of it is weird and wonderful. In various places throughout the store we have clusters of zines in sections, with categories such as anarchy and politics, queer and trans zines, DIY stuff, food zines. And then of course we have mini comics, graphic novels, and various underground comix. Want superhero comics? We don’t have a whole lotta those, but you should try our sister store, Chicago Comics, which is across town.


$3 + Photo Booth = Bookstore Memories

We also have a photobooth for you to commemorate your experience here. Three bucks and minutes later, you get a black and white strip of four pictures.


Devil Lady

We also have some awesome other things you can take your picture next to in our store, like the owner’s art. His Devil Lady is popular with our customers.


Events @ Quimby’s

Since we have such a wide variety of out-of-the-ordinary reading material, events we do here end up being unusual, too. We’ve celebrated everything from awesome, crusty punk zines to tiki art books (with hula dancers!).


Lit Journals!

We also have lit journals as well as chap books, fiction, and a variety of lifestyle, culture, and art magazines.


Quimby’s Bookstore

Also, we have a small, highly-curated selection of just a few of our items for sale on our website at quimys.com. You can also go there to sign up for the monthly e-mail newsletter we send out about news, events, and new stuff.QuimbysAd

Posted: Aug 7, 2013

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