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News & Features » August 2014 » Copycat in Good Company: Wally Cutler-Snyder, Replay Records (Connecticut)

Copycat in Good Company: Wally Cutler-Snyder, Replay Records (Connecticut)

This month, we’re celebrating the release of David Yow’s Copycat: And a Litter of Other Cats by featuring some of our favorite library and record store cats from around the world. Today, meet Wally Cutler-Snyder, resident feline of Replay Records in Hamden, Connecticut!

Hi! My name is Wally Cutler-Snyder. I live at Replay Records, in Hamden, Connecticut. It’s a really cool record store! My humans (Mary and Doug Snyder) treat me with love and affection, and I even get extra love and cuddles from all of the nice customers who come in. I used to live in another record store in New Haven, called Cutler’s, with my sister Polly. That store closed down, and my human there knew that Doug and Mary were cat people. He asked if they’d love to have me, and they said yes! Sometimes I’m allowed to go out in the back and I just love it! I sit there and watch the birds while a big dog barks at me from the porch above the store. His name is Oscar, and while I bother him just with my existence, he’s alright. Besides, Doug is never far away. He always makes sure I’m safe. They love me a lot and give me treats every day. I’m fifteen and hope to be around a good long while. Purrs and hisses!




Posted: Aug 22, 2014

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