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What I See: The Black Flag Photographs of Glen E. Friedman


A stunning collection of the most iconic photographs ever made of Black Flag, along with never-before-seen photos and a foreword by Chuck Dukowski. 256 jam-packed pages, over 300 photographs, and over 70% of the photos have never been seen.

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What people are saying…

“Lively, lavishly assembled collection of Black Flag photos . . . Fury is palpable throughout the book—even rehearsals look like barnburners.”
Los Angeles Times

“This gorgeous book collects [Friedman’s] photographs chronologically, while capturing the full intensity, drama, and ethos of the group . . . For those of us who were too young to be there, this is the next best thing. These still images come to life with every turn of the page, so put on Damaged and dig in.”
The Big Takeover

“This is an excellent hardcover art book that preserves the savage work of Friedman, Black Flag, and Raymond Pettibon.”
—Punk Globe

“Many of Friedman’s photos of the band midperformance include, critically, galvanized audience members, which reinforces the idea that early punk was a social movement. Friedman . . . has been fighting the good fight with his lens for decades. What I See documents a band standing in for any artist committed to questioning rules and living with integrity.”
Shelf Awareness, STARRED Review

“A truly memorable and thought-provoking compendium.”
Midwest Book Review

“Evidence of how one band’s music—and especially its attitude—became essential and inspiring.”
Kirkus Reviews

Praise for Glen E. Friedman:

for DogTown: The Legend of the Z-Boys:

DogTown: The Legend of the Z-Boys is a stunning book that blends historic words and reports with a photo archive that has a golden shelf in the annals of skateboarding.”
SurferToday, One of the Best Skateboard Books of All Time

for Keep Your Eyes Open: The Fugazi Photographs of Glen E. Friedman:

“Friedman also wrote the recently rereleased photo book on the crucial straight-edge punk band Fugazi, Keep Your Eyes Open, featuring a new interview with frontman Ian MacKaye.”
Los Angeles Times

for The Idealist: In My Eyes 25 Years:

The Idealist is a retrospective collection of Friedman’s aesthetics, [featuring] some of the images for which he is justly acclaimed and many others that will be new to his fans, ranging from DogTown skateboarders, and hard-core heroes to hip-hop icons, cityscapes to portraits, public intellectuals to historical monuments.”

for Recognize:

“Recognize your humility, recognize the power of nature, recognize the beauty of the world. It is rare to find a photography book like this, one that genuinely and with total directness conveys the spiritual qualities of the material world.”
LA Weekly


For a SIGNED copy of the book, please select “SIGNED BY GLEN E. FRIEDMAN” in the drop-down menu below and click “ADD TO CART.” Or, for a 25% discount off the list price, please select “Unsigned.”

What I See: The Black Flag Photographs of Glen E. Friedman is an incredible compilation of all of Friedman’s most iconic and recognizable images (from 1980 to 1983), of this seminal American punk band, as well as over one hundred never-before-seen photos made during those phenomenal peak years in the group’s history.

The book includes a foreword by Chuck Dukowski, a cofounder and bass player of Black Flag. Friedman’s own introduction to the book takes readers through his journey with the group, from the very first time he heard their music, to his perspectives on the music of the era, to the how, why, and what Black Flag was doing at the time. His words provide additional context to the imagery, explaining what drove him to create his art alongside the band.

From the streets around Black Flag’s single-room home base/office, rehearsing for their first album, handing out flyers, wheat-pasting posters, driving for hours to a show and returning the same night, house parties, clubs, to the big stage and the beach, Glen E. Friedman was there with his heart, soul, and most importantly his camera. In What I See, he shares with us and inspires us with these images that were made over an incredibly volatile four-year time span.

Read an interview with Glen E. Friedman at Street Art News.

Read a feature on Glen E. Friedman’s event at Rough Trade NYC at Brooklyn Vegan.

glen E. Friedman’s website

Book Details

  • Hardcover: 256 pages
  • Published: 4/5/22
  • IBSN: 9781636140360


GLEN E. FRIEDMAN, one of the most important photographers of his generation, is known for his influential and iconic images of rebellious artists from classic skateboarding, punk, and hip-hop cultures. As a true artist his process was much more incendiary than it was documentary. Friedman, first published at the age of fourteen, has produced over one hundred record covers, countless magazine pages, and almost a dozen books, including What I See: The Black Flag Photographs, Keep Your Eyes Open, DogTown: The Legend of the Z-Boys, The Idealist, Recognize, My Rules, and Together Forever: The Run-DMC and Beastie Boys Photographs. His work is now included in a number of notable international collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Smithsonian Institution. His latest work is Just a Minor Threat. Learn more at burningflags.com.

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