Reverse-Gentrification of the Literary World

Akashic Books

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Tampa Bay Noir

Tampa Bay joins Miami in representing the (alleged) Sunshine State in the Noir Series arena.

Alabama Noir

Alabama joins Mississippi as fertile Deep South soil for the Noir Series.

Berkeley Noir

Berkeley brings its own unique blend of Bay Area noir, complementing the grit and grime that preceded it in San Francisco Noir and Oakland Noir.

Milwaukee Noir

In Milwaukee Noir, a city of manufacturers and booze, as well as a growing immigrant community, makes perfect grist for the Noir Series mill.

Hong Kong Noir

Fourteen of the city’s finest authors explore the dark heart of the Pearl of the Orient in haunting stories of depravity and despair.

Vancouver Noir (Canada)

Following the success of Montreal Noir and Toronto Noir, the Noir Series travels to the west coast of Canada.

Houston Noir

The fourth-largest city in the US is long overdue to enter the Noir Series arena, and does so blazingly.