Reverse-Gentrification of the Literary World

Akashic Books

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Sydney Noir (Australia)

Australia can no longer be held back from the Akashic Noir Series; herein, Sydney reveals itself to be a world-class hub of noir.

Santa Cruz Noir

Following in the footsteps of Los Angeles Noir, San Francisco Noir, San Diego Noir, Orange County Noir, and Oakland Noir, this new volume further reveals the seedy underbelly of the Left Coast.

Summer Games

Summer Games is a free e-book excerpt from Necropolis, the New Delhi crime novel by Avtar Singh.

Montague Kobbé Digit

The Montague Kobbé Digit comprises excerpts from The Night of the Rambler and On the Way Back, two stunning literary achievements set in Anguilla by one of the freshest new voices in world literature.

Montana Noir

Grady and Graff, both Montana natives, masterfully curate this collection of hard-edged Western tales.