Reverse-Gentrification of the Literary World

Akashic Books

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New Orleans Noir

Beneath the glitter of Mardi Gras lies the sleaze of Bourbon Street; under the celestial sounds of JazzFest, the nightmare screams of a city traumatized long before the storm.

Staten Island Noir

New York’s fifth borough finally enters the Noir Series arena, completing the series tour of the world’s noirest city.

The Marijuana Chronicles

Joyce Carol Oates, Lee Child, Linda Yablonsky, and others take short fiction to a higher level (though they don’t inhale).

Brooklyn Noir

New York’s punchiest borough asserts its criminal legacy with all new stories from a magnificent set of today’s best writers.

Kansas City Noir

Steve Paul recruits Daniel Woodrell, John Lutz, and others in Kansas City Noir, where naked ambition meets broken dreams, and blues and the night go together like rye whiskey, vermouth, and bitters.

Orange County Noir

You may be disturbed—or possibly titillated—to discover what can happen once you cross the Orange Curtain . . .

The Anti-Capitalism Reader

A refreshingly non-doctrinaire anthology of writings and interviews covering much of the intellectual geography of the new anti-market left.