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Yuri Kapralov

YURI KAPRALOV was born in the Caucasus and came to the US in 1949. He lived in the East Village, New York City, from 1965 until he passed away in August 2005. He exhibited his visual art in New York and San Francisco, and was the author of Castle Dubrava (Dutton, 1982), a vampire novel; Devil’s Midnight; and Once There Was a Village (Akashic Books, 1988), a memoir of his experiences in the East Village in the late 1960s.


Devil’s Midnight


Kapralov depicts the desperate struggles of his characters—Yuri’s stubborn military resistance, Nata’s fanatical commitment to guard the mysterious powers of a sacred meteorite, and Alexey’s struggles simply to survive—with a perfect balance of intensity and nonchalance.