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Love Maps


Violence and loss shatter Sarah Marker’s domestic life, causing her to reexamine the roots of creativity and art in New York City.

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Discussion Guide for Love Maps

1. At times, Sarah loves painting. Other times, she finds it excruciating and humiliating. Why is she so compelled to paint? Why does she finally stop? Will she start again?

2. After a brief stint as an international pop star, Maya gives up singing to concentrate on real estate. Why? How does Sarah get her to return to the stage? Was this wise?

3. When Sarah and Philip first meet, Sarah is excited that Philip has been in Conningsby’s castle, then annoyed, even offended that Philip did not find out more about Conningsby’s life. It would have been digging. Yet later in the book, Sarah will find herself unable to ask Philip questions. What are these questions? Why can’t Sarah speak?

4. Why is Sarah so afraid that Philip might kiss her the night after Conningsby’s funeral?

5. Maya’s attachment to Sarah goes way beyond a normal sister relationship. Why is she so possessive? What does Sarah have that Maya, who would seem to have everything, doesn’t?

6. Why can’t Sarah tell Philip about their son?

7. Of all the places to hide, why does Philip choose a mine shaft in the desert? What is he hiding from?

8. What do Maya and Franco have in common?

9. Sarah inherited her father’s rationalism. Maya veers closer to their mother’s faith in the supernatural. How do these conflicting faiths shape their relationship and the way that they live their lives?

10. There’s a lot of running away in this book. How many people run away in this book? How many times and to what purpose?

11. How does Sarah’s pride manifest itself? How does it both help and hinder her?