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Events » United States » New York » Brooklyn » Hirsh Sawhney — Brooklyn Book Festival

Events » September 2017 » Hirsh Sawhney — Brooklyn Book Festival

Hirsh Sawhney — Brooklyn Book Festival


Where is Home: “Home” is an idea that invites many definitions and interpretations, but it is especially complex for immigrants and their children. Is home where one’s family is, or one’s family history? Or where their beliefs are accepted and embraced? Dina Nayeri (Refuge), Amani Al-Khatahtbeh (Muslim Girl), and Derek Palacio (The Mortifications) discuss how they approached these questions and more in their new novels. Moderated by Hirsh Sawhney (South Haven, Delhi Noir). The panel will take place at the Borough Hall Courtroom, 209 Joralemon St.