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There are no upcoming events for Unmentionables.

Past Events

Laurie Loewenstein — Fall for the Book Festival, Fairfax, VA

“Sweet Little Lies: How Secrets Can Shape a Story.” Erica Wright’s The Blue Kingfisher, Laurie Loewenstein’s Death of a Rainmaker, John Gilstrap’s Total Mayhem, and G.M. Malliet’s In Prior’s Wood are mysteries that depend on the juiciest of secrets!

Laurie Loewenstein — Virginia Festival of the Book, Charlottesville, VA

DEATH IN A PARTICULAR TIME AND PLACE: Charles Belfoure (The Fallen Architect), John Copenhaver (Dodging and Burning), David Downie (The Gardener of Eden), and Laurie Loewenstein (Death of a Rainmaker) discuss their newest titles, defined in part by setting and location, and which present fascinating stories of intrigue.

Kaylie Jones Books: A Reading — AWP Conference & Bookfair, Washington, DC

Featuring: Kaylie Jones (The Anger Meridian), J. Patrick Redmond (Some Go Hungry), Barbara J. Taylor (All Waiting Is Long), Laurie Lowenstein (Unmentionables), and Patricia A. Smith (The Year of Needy Girls). Full details TBA.