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There are no upcoming events for The Lost Treasures of R&B.

Past Events

Robert Arellano, Achy Obejas, & Nelson George – Elliott Bay Book Company, Seattle, WA

An Akashic Books powerhouse lineup: Robert Arellano (Havana Libre, Havana Lunar), Achy Obejas (Tower of the Antilles, Ruins, Havana Noir), and Nelson George (To Funk and Die in LA, The Lost Treasures of R&B, The Accidental Hunter, The Plot Against Hip-Hop) at Elliott Bay Book Company.

Nelson George – Brooklyn Book Festival, Brooklyn, NY

Killer Crime-Fiction: Crime-Fiction may inspire thoughts of a scandalous murder and a magnifying glass, but these novels are more nuanced, and related to the real world, than a simple detective hunting for clues. Joyce Carol Oates (A Book of American Martyrs), Nelson George (To Funk and Die in L.A.), and Ben H. Winters (Underground Airlines) […]