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There are no upcoming events for Johnny Temple.

Past Events

Justine Bateman — Brooklyn Book Festival, Brooklyn, NY

LET’S TALK ABOUT BEING FAMOUS: Most dictionary definitions of fame start by noting it is a state of being widely known and widely recognized, which can be both cool and a curse. Does being famous open doors or box one in? Is privacy undervalued in our reality based contemporary times? Actor/authors Justine Bateman (Fame), and […]

San Juan Noir Launch — Festival de la Palabra,New York, NY

Festival de la Palabra and the Loisaida Center present: San Juan Noir – A Reading and Book Signing Celebration Featuring Johnny Temple, Mayra Santos Febres, Charlie Vázquez, Wilfredo Burgos Matos, Manuel Méndez, Tere Dávila The fifteen stories compiled in San Juan Noir have been published in both Spanish and English editions and feature authors such […]

Johnny Temple – Miami Book Fair International, Miami, FL

“What’s Happening in Independent Publishing.” Featuring Johnny Temple, Helene Atwan, Morgan Entrekin, Pamela Paul, Mitchell Kaplan, Oren Teicher, and Michael Reynolds, followed by a signing in the Purple Autographing area.