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There are no upcoming events for Havana Lunar.

Past Events

Robert Arellano, Achy Obejas, & Nelson George – Elliott Bay Book Company, Seattle, WA

An Akashic Books powerhouse lineup: Robert Arellano (Havana Libre, Havana Lunar), Achy Obejas (Tower of the Antilles, Ruins, Havana Noir), and Nelson George (To Funk and Die in LA, The Lost Treasures of R&B, The Accidental Hunter, The Plot Against Hip-Hop) at Elliott Bay Book Company.

Bradley Spinelli and Robert Arellano – Miami Book Fair, Miami, FL

Two Thrillers: A Reading. A washed-up ex-journalist looking for a missing girl in San Francisco is framed by a Guatemalan hit man for a series of murders, in Bradley Spinelli‘s crime thriller, The Painted Gun. In Robert Arellano’s Havana Libre, Dr. Mano Rodriguez takes an undercover assignment to the most dangerous city in Latin America: […]