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There are no upcoming events for Fall for the Book Festival.

Past Events

Laurie Loewenstein — Fall for the Book Festival, Fairfax, VA

“Sweet Little Lies: How Secrets Can Shape a Story.” Erica Wright’s The Blue Kingfisher, Laurie Loewenstein’s Death of a Rainmaker, John Gilstrap’s Total Mayhem, and G.M. Malliet’s In Prior’s Wood are mysteries that depend on the juiciest of secrets!

Curdella Forbes & Katia D. Ulysse — Fall for the Book Festival, Fairfax, VA

“Love and Loss in the Caribbean.” Curdella Forbes’ novel A Tall History of Sugar and Katia D. Ulysse’s Mouths Don’t Speak follow themes of love and loss in Carribean countries and how to deal with personal choices brought on by societal and cultural standards.

Patricia Smith — Fall for the Book Festival, Fairfax, VA

“Society, Secrets, and Sexual Misconduct.” Aaron Hamburger and Patricia Smith discuss their novels, Nirvana Is Here and The Year of the Needy Girls, which ask questions of how we, as a society, should face secrets and sexual misconduct in the #MeToo era.

Etan Thomas — Fall for the Book Festival, Fairfax, VA

“Sports and Politics: Are They on the Same Playing Field?” Etan Thomas’s book We Matter: Athletes and Activism, includes interviews and essays from over fifty high-profile activist athletes, executives, and media figures at the intersection of sports and politics. The New York Times says, “Before Kaepernick, there was Etan Thomas.”