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There are no upcoming events for As Flies to Whatless Boys.

Past Events

Robert Antoni – Brooklyn Book Festival, Borough Hall, Brooklyn, NY

Lessons Learned We all like to think of what could have been. Christopher Beha (What Happened to Sophie Wilder), Paul Harding (Enon), and Robert Antoni (As Flies to Whatless Boys) discuss how their characters look to the past to find peace in the present, whether that means reconnecting with ex-lovers, facing the death of a […]

Jessica Hagedorn, Robert Antoni – Brooklyn Book Festival, Borough Hall, Brooklyn, NY

Visitors and Intruders Talented writers A.X. Ahmad (The Caretaker), Jessica Hagedorn (Manila Noir) and Robert Antoni (As Flies to Whatless Boys) remind us of the thin line between visitor, intruder, and citizen in these tales about immigration, lost homelands, and, always, the power of location. Moderated by Karolina Waclawiak (The Believer). This event will be […]

Robert Antoni, Montague Kobbé, Elsie Augustave, Oonya Kempadoo – Brooklyn Book Festival Bookend Event, MoCADA, Brooklyn, NY

A Brooklyn Book Festival Bookend event featuring Robert Antoni (As Flies to Whatless Boys, Trinidad Noir), Montague Kobbé (The Night of the Rambler), Elsie Augustave (The Roving Tree), Oonya Kempadoo (Trinidad Noir), Barbara Jenkins, Diana McCaulay, and Ifeona Fulani. This event is presented by Akashic Books, MoCADA, Bocas Lit Fest, and the Caribbean Cultural Theatre. […]