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What Else Is in the Teaches of Peaches

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An outrageous and provocative photograph book of cult music hero Peaches, with text from Peaches, Yoko Ono, Elliot Page, and Michael Stipe.

While supplies last, books ordered through the Akashic Books website will include a bookplate SIGNED by Peaches!

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What people are saying…

One of the Huffington Post‘s Best Art Books of 2015

“[Peaches] has teamed up with her longtime tour photographer Holger Talinski to look back at a brazen career that has captured the attention of outsider artists and massive pop stars alike, ranging from Michael Stipe to PJ Harvey to Iggy Pop . . . Along with Holger’s uncompromising, often raw imagery, the book includes stories from artists who have championed Peaches’s work over the years.”
New York Times T Magazine

“It takes a lot of grueling work to pull off what Peaches does so subversively night after night on tour and in theater productions. That’s the takeaway from this revealing (and NSFW) photo book on the electro-pop provocateur, as seen through the lens of photographer Talinski and featuring essays by Michael Stipe, Yoko Ono, and [Elliot] Page.”
Boston Globe

“Electronic musician and performance artist Peaches has made a career out of pushing boundaries, and her new book is equally transgressive. Photographer Holger Talinski captures the artist onstage and off in the outrageous costumes that have been a performance signature for her, and in quieter moments away from the strobe lights.”
San Francisco Chronicle

“One flip through the glossy new monograph What Else Is In the Teaches of Peaches is all it takes to get absorbed into the post-punk wonderland of pop culture icon Peaches.”
W Magazine

“Peaches is an attitude and a sensibility . . . . She’s iconic, and her iconography is important.”
The Globe and Mail

One of Loud and Quiet Magazine‘s Best Books of 2015

“The bare-all book shows Peaches on and off stage, focusing on her efforts to shatter gender stereotypes, promote sex positivity, and push the boundaries of art and performance.”
Vice Magazine, The Creators Project

What Else Is in the Teaches of Peaches, a new book of photography, attempts to capture more: Peaches onstage, backstage, in her 30-boob breastplate, on the crapper, on a cross, passed out, convalescing, performing for Yoko Ono, curled up with family, recording with Iggy Pop. It’s a groupie’s delight.”
SF Weekly

“For Peaches fans, the collection offers glimpses into both the public and private life of the artist who put feminist electroclash on the map. Peaches led the way, not only for other underground electronic acts like Le Tigre, Ladytron, and Chicks on Speed, but also artists that went on to major mainstream success. Would M.I.A. exist without Peaches? Lady Gaga? In her current iteration, Miley Cyrus? . . . In the end, [What Else Is in the Teaches of Peaches] is a reminder that Peaches, the artist and the musician . . . forged a vibrant, genre-bending career that continues to throb with spirit, transgression, energy, and ambition.”

“Perhaps what hits you most of all, maybe more than the striking costumes and occasional nudity, is how much fun Peaches’ life appears to be. Less than halfway into the book, you start to trust the Peaches/Talinski collaborative union, and you somehow come to realise that it’s all authentic, magic and reality. There’s none of the staginess that you sometimes see in photo books of pop stars, particularly those who are led around by their egos.”

“Laid bare in an intimate set of photos captured between 2009 and 2014, alongside commentaries from [Elliot] Page, Yoko Ono and REM’s Michael Stipe, the new photo book shows Peaches at her most vulnerable . . . We see her as a daughter, a sister, a loyal friend, a Grace Jones fan, an international performer, and, most importantly, a real-life human being—something fans aren’t often privy to beyond her larger-than-life performance persona.”
Dazed and Confused Magazine

“Talinski’s pictures of the Canadian electro assassin offer an insight into the fun, chaos, hard work, rock ‘n’ roll, theatre and artistry that goes into presenting Peaches on the stage and to the world. . . . The dazzling images collected in the book range from the intimate to the epic and are accompanied by written pieces by collaborators and admirers ranging from Michael Stipe to Yoko Ono.”
Loud and Quiet Magazine

What Else is in the Teaches of Peaches, reveals an artist with a vision and a photographer with full access. The dazzling images collected in the book range from the intimate to the epic and are accompanied by written pieces by collaborators and admirers ranging from Michael Stipe to Yoko Ono.”
Loud and Quiet Magazine, Best Books of 2015

“Whether she’s caught in a frenzy, spitting blood onto a gig audience, slumped in near exhaustion in the show’s aftermath, or hard at work preparing her next in-your-face project, Peaches is never less than completely honest. . . . Adored by established stars and aspiring artists alike, Peaches is one of the most important figures in alternative pop culture today.”
We Heart

What Else Is in the Teaches of Peaches serves up slices of life from a transgressive master . . . Like the 2000 single, the book is full of grit, sweat and dripping sexuality.”
Orlando Weekly

“The book is full of grit, sweat and dripping sexuality. . . . From stressed out hotel shots to carnival stage shows, a performance of Yoko Ono’s Cut Piece to a one-woman electro-rock opera Peaches Does Herself, the book is an extensive look into the life of a transgressive master. . . . Like all good performance art, it’s not an empty dance. In each frame, Peaches carries a fire in her eyes.”
San Antonio Current

“The photography collection . . . captures the more intimate moments of the boundary-pushing, gender-fucking art-punk goddess.”
The Backlot

“In all cases, the act of archiving seems to Peaches to be ahistorical. The best picture is the one not that places her in a context of her musical contemporaries, it is the one that seems to her a perfect form of an emotion she knew herself to be experiencing at the time. Her archive is a punk archive, one strung together of immersions and transgressions, not coherences.”
The 405

“The outrageous and provocative new book . . . presents [Peaches] as more than the onstage provocateur most know her to be; instead we see her at home with family, rehearsing, sprawled out backstage, exhausted from giving her fans the musical lunacy they crave.”
Frontiers Magazine

“Holger Talinski captures that essence of the vulnerable, unapologetic, fuck shame, fuck stereotypes performer with his images. . . . Talinski is an appropriately unfussy photojournalist. His images capture the feel of a performance. He shoots from the stage and from the audience. He shows us the view from the stage and from the pit. He shows us the sweat, the fatigue of the work that goes into making art. Like Peaches, Talinski is unafraid to be honest, vulnerable, and not at all vogue.”
Ink 19

“Definitely give this literary and photographic glitter explosion a read!”
—Meininger Hotels On The Move Magazine (Germany)

“Without Peaches, it follows that we wouldn’t have seen the fruits of the feminist hero’s success. This is an artist that has sown seeds. Doing her confrontational flag-waving thing—using sexuality and the female form to subvert patriarchal values—since the 1990s, the Canadian artist born Merrill Beth Nisker has paved the way for the likes of Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears (in her later incarnations) and Miley Cyrus, all of whom owe a debt to the badass electroclash icon.”
The Girls Are (UK)

“Who loves iconoclastic musician and inimitable performance artist, Peaches? Basically everyone. Especially if everyone includes Yoko Ono, R.E.M front man, Michael Stipe, and [Elliot] Page—all of who wrote an essay for her heady photography book, What Else is in the Teaches of Peaches, released in June.”

“Photographer Holger Talinski presents a visceral stone from the centre of maverick electronica goddess, Peaches. This is largely behind the scenes, image-based representation—with contributions also from Yoko Ono.”
DJ Magazine

“Shots of a white-mohawked Peaches backstage in a silvery jumpsuit with a huge protruding dildo or tricked out in freakshow makeup and giant wool shoulderpads are made all the more interesting through their juxtaposition with quiet images of an exhausted Peaches chatting on the phone in a soul-drainingly generic hotel room or crossing a suburban street with her wheelchair-bound sister. The book offers provocative visual musing on the differences between artists and their stage personae. It adds another layer of complexity to an underappreciated artist.”
Passport Magazine

What Else Is in the Teaches of Peaches, [features] intimate candid photos from her life on and off stage and tribute essays from the likes of Ono, Michael Stipe, and [Elliot] Page.”
The Stranger

“These last years between albums are documented beautifully in the new book What Else Is In The Teaches Of Peaches, published in June via Akashic Books, a collection of Holger Talinski’s photos from at home and on the road, on-stage and behind-the-scenes.”
Cashbox Magazine

“Peaches is ferocious, relentless, sexy, confident, and gives all of herself to her audience . . . She is a person who inspires.”
—Elliot Page, actor

“Peaches is an incredible artist . . . Thank you, Peaches, for adding a long and exciting life to performance art.”
—Yoko Ono

“Peaches stands tall and she is fearless. That is my definition of a hero, heroine, progressive, icon—locked in, and ready to rumble.”
—Michael Stipe of R.E.M.


*While supplies last, books ordered through the Akashic Books website will include a bookplate SIGNED by Peaches!

This volume presents a mesmerizing collection of Holger Talinski’s evocative and sometimes erotic photos of transgressive musical icon Peaches, on and off stage, with accompanying text by Peaches, Michael Stipe (R.E.M.), Yoko Ono, and the actor Elliot Page, best known for their lead role in the film Juno, which garnered them an Oscar nomination.

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Book Details

  • Hardcover: 160 pages
  • Published: 6/2/15
  • IBSN: 9781617753572


PEACHES, born Merrill Nisker in Toronto, is a musician, singer, performance artist, producer, filmmaker, actor, and writer, who has lived and worked in Berlin since 2000. She has released four albums—The Teaches of Peaches, Fatherfucker, Impeach My Bush, I Feel Cream—and a new album is forthcoming. She has collaborated and appeared as a guest vocalist on albums by P!nk, R.E.M., Iggy Pop, Major Lazer, and Christina Aguilera, to mention a few. Her songs have been featured in dozens of films and TV shows including Mean Girls, Lost in Translation, Whip It, 30 Rock, Ugly Betty, South Park, and True Blood. Peaches has performed in more than fifty countries and has constantly toured the world for the past fourteen years. She created Peaches Christ Superstar, where she performed the entire rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar as a one-woman show; and she sang the lead role of L’Orfeo in a production of Monteverdi’s seventeenth-century Italian opera. Peaches’s most ambitious work to date was the mythical autobiographical electrorock stage-show-turned-film called Peaches Does Herself. The feature film debuted at the 2012 Toronto Film Festival and was warmly received at over seventy film festivals around the world. Peaches has just completed her first new album in over five years entitled RUB which will be released in 2015. She is the author of What Else Is in the Teaches of Peaches.

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HOLGER TALINSKI (b. 1981) is a Berlin-based photographer focusing on portrait and documentary photography. He is also passionate about skateboarding, which was the reason he started taking photos in the first place—to document his and his friends’ lifestyle. He studied photography in Bielefeld, Germany, and interned in New York with Benedict F. Fernandez, most well-known for photographing Martin Luther King Jr. Holger’s work has also been commissioned in Europe, the United States, Thailand, and India. For more information, visit www.holgertalinski.de, and you can reach Holger at hello@holgertalinski.de. His photographs appear in What Else Is in the Teaches of Peaches.

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