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The Hold Steady Limited Edition Book Package


This LIMITED EDITION PACKAGE for The Gospel of the Hold Steady includes a copy of the book signed by the band, and the signed chapbook TJK on THS—a behind-the-scenes photo journal by Tad J. Kubler that is currently only available as part of this package.

This page is for the LIMITED EDITION PACKAGE of The Gospel of the Hold Steady with the chapbook TJK on THS. To order The Gospel of the Hold Steady without the chapbook, Click here

Price: $100.00



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The limited edition package includes:

  • A copy of The Gospel of the Hold Steady signed by the band.
  • A copy of the chapbook TJK on THS, which features candid, never-before-seen, behind-the-scenes photographs of the band by Tad Kubler spanning the group’s 20 years together. In his introduction to the chapbook, Craig Finn notes “I’m very thankful Tad had his camera at the ready. These were special times, but we were often moving very fast. I’m happy we’re able to take some time with them here, and to be able to share them with you.” The chapbook is signed by Kubler and is currently only available as part of this preorder package.

About The Gospel of the Hold Steady: How a Resurrection Really Feels

On January 22, 2003, four men stepped onto a stage in Brooklyn and did something no one else was doing at that time, in that place. They played rock ’n’ roll: old-fashioned rock ’n’ roll with skyscraping riffs and sloppy solos, topped with extraordinary lyrics about an out-of-focus America, blurred by pills and powders, of crime and fear and desperation and redemption.

Twenty years later, The Hold Steady are one of America’s most beloved rock bands, famed for live shows that turn unbelievers into converts, and for a catalog filled with some of the most exciting yet poetic music of the twenty-first century. To mark those twenty years, The Hold Steady tell their full story in The Gospel of The Hold Steady: How a Resurrection Really Feels.

An oral history, based on interviews with everyone who has played in the band, and those who have worked with them over the course of their career, The Gospel of the Hold Steady addresses all the triumphs and setbacks of The Hold Steady’s career in the band’s own words—from high times to near deaths, from the brink of splitting to their current renaissance. The volume also includes over 200 photographs and images.

The Gospel of The Hold Steady is completed with essays about America’s greatest bar band by writers Rob Sheffield, Laura Barton, Isaac Fitzgerald, and Michael Hann, as well as the thoughts and memories of “The Unified Scene”—the fans who have helped define the band’s identity over the years. This is a book for everyone who loves The Hold Steady, and anyone who understands that the magic of rock ’n’ roll happens on a stage in a small room, with voices raised from the crowd.

Book Details

  • Hardcover
  • Published: 7/25/23


The Hold Steady is Craig Finn, Tad Kubler, Galen Polivka, Bobby Drake, Franz Nicolay, and Steve Selvidge. Since forming in Brooklyn in 2003, they have released nine studio albums, most recently The Price of Progress in 2023. Their debut album, The Hold Steady Almost Killed Me, was named one of the 100 best albums of this century by Rolling Stone. In 2023, Akashic published the band’s best-selling first book, The Gospel of The Hold Steady: How a Resurrection Really Feels. Their latest book is Stay Positive.

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