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The Reservoir—Limited Edition Package with Exclusive Chapbook


SOLD OUT. The Limited Edition package of THE RESERVOIR with the chapbook POEMS, LYRICS, FLIP. has sold out. However, the novella is still available Click here to order The Reservoir without the exclusive chapbook.

Price: $40.00 Not Currently Available – Check Back Soon!



Click [HERE] for details on the regular edition of the book.

The limited edition package includes:

  • A signed paperback copy of The Reservoir
  • A copy of the chapbook Poems, Lyrics, Flip, which can’t be purchased anywhere outside of this package and select public events. Read in one direction, the chapbook comprises select lyrics from Duchovny’s three studio albums plus brand new poems, including one written from the perspective of The Reservoir‘s main character, Ridley. In reverse, the chapbook is a full-color flip-book of one of the time-lapse videos David Duchovny created while writing The Reservoir.

About The Reservoir:

Now in paperback, a former Wall Street veteran, quarantined by the coronavirus, becomes consumed with madness—or the fulfillment of his own mythic fate; from author, actor, and musician David Duchovny

The paperback edition features the bonus short story “The Scare Owl”

The Reservoir follows an unexceptional man in an exceptional time. We see our present-day pandemic world and New York City through the eyes of a former Wall Street veteran, Ridley, as he, in his enforced quarantined solitude, looks back upon his life. He examines his wins, his failures, the gnawing questions—his career, his divorce, his estranged daughter—and wonders what it all means and who he really is. 

Sitting and brooding night after night, gazing out his huge picture window high above the Central Park Reservoir, Ridley spots a flashing light in an apartment across the park as if a lonely quarantined person is signaling him in Morse code. His determination to find out who this mystery woman is, this fellow quarantine damsel in distress trapped in her own Fifth Avenue tower, leads him on an epic quest that will ultimately tempt him with either delusional madness or the fulfillment of his own mythic fate.

Is he a dying man going mad or an everyman metamorphosing into a hero? Or both? We accompany Ridley as he leaves the safety of his apartment window to save the Fifth Avenue femme fatale and descends into a dangerous, increasingly surreal world of global conspiracies, madness, and sickness of this viral time; beyond that, into the enduring mysteries of love and fatherhood; and deeper still, into the bedrock mystery of life itself. As Ridley’s actions grow more and more uncharacteristic, he realizes the key to all the mysteries of now, and even all of history, seem to lie deep beneath the freezing waters of the reservoir.

The Reservoir is a twisted rom-com for our distanced time, when the merest touch could kill and conspiracy theories propagate like viruses—a contemporary union of Death in Venice, Rear Window, and The Plague.

Book Details

  • Paperback
  • Published: 6/7/22
  • IBSN: 9781636140780


DAVID DUCHOVNY is an award-winning actor, writer, director, New York Times best-selling author, and singer-songwriter. With an acting career spanning more than three decades, Duchovny is a two-time Golden Globe winner and four-time Emmy nominee. He is the author of four previous novels: Truly Like Lightning, Holy Cow, Bucky F*cking Dent, and Miss Subways. Duchovny adapted his novel Bucky F*cking Dent into a film he also directed, which premiered at the 2023 Tribeca Film Festival. As a musician, Duchovny has released three studio albums, Hell or Highwater, Every Third Thought, and Gestureland. The Reservoir is his most recent book.

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