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Summer of Hamn: Hollowpointlessness Aiding Mass Nihilism


The tragedy of gun violence is depicted in annotated illustrations that illuminate a society gone hamn; from legendary hip-hop artist Chuck D (Public Enemy, Prophets of Rage, etc.)

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What people are saying…

“With his latest work of graphic nonfiction, Chuck D uses his art and hip-hop rhymes to show how the US has been held hostage by gun violence and a growing sense of hopelessness . . . A focused, fresh, urgent text filled with pictures worth 1,000 words and rhymes worth thousands more.”
Kirkus Reviews, STARRED review

“Public Enemy front man Chuck D follows up Stewdio with a striking graphic narrative archive of gun violence and collective misery during the summer of 2022 . . . It’s a bristling and necessary catalogue of collective anguish.”
Publishers Weekly, starred review

“In Summer of Hamn, hip-hop icon Chuck D describes the tragedy of gun violence through a compilation of original illustrations and verse. The raw emotion comes through in every page, as the legendary storyteller describes the devastating impact gun violence has had on our community.”
The Root

“Whether rapping, being a social activist or conveying the message as a visual artist, Chuck D remains an important figure. Even when surrounding circumstances can seem overwhelming, his voice is always solid, creative, and clear. Like STEWdio, Summer of Hamn is a must for any serious Public Enemy fan, but it is also excellent and insightful art and a time capsule for America.”

“Legendary hip-hop artist Chuck D uses rhymes to show how the nation has been held hostage by gun violence and a growing sense of hopelessness. It’s based on his bound journal written in the summer of 2022.”

“The book collects Chuck D’s sketches and written reflections on gun violence during the summer of 2022, including mass shootings and the attempt to murder writer Salman Rushdie.”


In Summer of Hamn, legendary hip-hop artist Chuck D takes on gun violence with rhythmic, inventive writing and passionately raw art. He has long spoken out against gun violence, including how it intersects with rap and hip-hop culture. Summer of Hamn is the bound journal Chuck D carried with him in the summer of 2022—a summer marked by a particularly high rate of gun death.

In these pages, victims are memorialized, politicians are skewered, and vehement pleas to eradicate gun violence are made. Jaw-dropping statistics (40% of all personal guns in the world are owned by US citizens; there are 100 million more guns in the US than there are citizens) intersect with poetic reflections (“Another mall shooting seems normalized in Columbus / Raining outside in Ohio / Raining inside folks panic / Inside hearing shots bust”), all written in Chuck’s hand over vibrant, utterly original, neoexpressionist ink and watercolor art.

This book is the follow-up to STEWdio the debut trilogy on Chuck D’s Enemy Books imprint, in which he invented a new medium—the “naphic grovel”—a bound journal brimming with his observations and reflections of current events in both art and prose. Summer of Hamn is the second release on the imprint.

Book Details

  • Hardcover: 240 pages
  • Published: 10/3/23
  • IBSN: 9781636141527
  • e-IBSN: 9781636141541


Chuck D is the leader and cofounder of the legendary rap group Public Enemy, a social activist, multimedia producer, visual artist, and digital music pioneer. He has been featured in more than one hundred documentaries on music, technology, politics, and race, and cocurated the Smithsonian Anthology of Hip-Hop and Rap. He has also been a national spokesperson for Rock the Vote, the National Urban League, Americans for the Arts, and the National Alliance of African American Athletes. As part of Public Enemy, he was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and earned a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. He is the author of StewDio and Summer of Hamn. RAPilates: Body and Mind Conditioning in the Digital Age is his latest work.

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