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Spy’s Fate


The debut novel from the Godfather of Cuban Noir.

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What people are saying…

“Arnaldo Correa is the undisputed master of Cuban Noir. Spy’s Fate is a courageous book that offers a true insider’s view of the new Cuba that neither the US nor Fidel Castro want you to know about.”
—Edgar Award–winning author William Heffernan

“A captivating thriller based on the murky US-Cuban spy wars. Correa deftly paints the history of Castro’s Cuban intelligence service and the changing face of the Miami exile community . . . A fascinating read.”
Publishers Weekly

“From Cuba with panache, written with flair, authority, and admirable detachment . . .”
Kirkus (starred review)

“I’ve known Arnaldo Correa for over a dozen years. He’s a warm-hearted and generous man with an incisive mind, and it’s no surprise to discover that he’s also a wonderful writer.”
Lawrence Block, author of Eight Million Ways to Die

“I look forward to any book by Arnaldo Correa, and this may be his best. Rich in details and, alas for Cuban spies, all too true.”
—Martin Cruz Smith, author of Havana Bay


Spy’s Fate is a smart, scandalous portrayal of the inept misadventures of post–Cold War US and Cuban intelligence operations. At the center of the novel is Carlos Manuel (alias Roberto), who for two decades has built his reputation—and guarded his anonymity—as a Cuban special services agent in Africa and Latin America. When his wife dies, he returns to Havana to discover his country’s economy in disarray, along with its intelligence infrastructure. Widowed and jobless, he finds himself completely alienated from his children and from the country he has served.

After his kids embark on a disastrous raft ride to the US, Carlos Manuel steals a yacht and sails after them into the stormy Atlantic. A last-minute decision saves his children, but leaves him stranded in Miami—just one step ahead of the CIA, for whom he is a murder suspect, and Cuban Intelligence, who mistakenly believe he has defected. Complicating matters is Sidney King, a maniacally vindictive CIA bureaucrat. The hunter becomes the hunted as Carlos finally encounters his old nemesis—and the ravaging violence of his former life.


Book Details

  • Paperback: 302 pages
  • Published: 7/1/05
  • IBSN: 9781888451658
  • Hardcover: 340 pages
  • IBSN: 9781888451283


ARNALDO CORREA was born in the Escambray Mountains, Cuba, in 1935. In 1966, he published his first book of short stories, which was praised by Fidel Castro. Correa is considered one of three founders of the Cuban crime-fiction genre. He studied mining engineering at the University of Alabama, and traveled extensively through the US in the 1950s. He has worked on development projects in Cuba, Vietnam, Angola, and Mozambique. The 2002 hardcover edition of Spy’s Fate was his first novel in English translation, followed in 2003 by the highly acclaimed Cold Havana Ground. Correa currently lives in Havana.

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