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Of Grunge and Government: Let’s Fix this Broken Democracy!


Founding member of world-famous rock band Nirvana offers a personal and political memoir.

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Krist Novoselic answered 13 questions for Akashic’s Literary Lions feature. Read his answers here.

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One part memoir, one part political platform, the bass player of Nirvana—the most heralded and influential rock band of the past twenty years—tells the story of his own musical and political coming-of-age. From his relationship with Kurt Cobain to his evolution as a political activist, Novoselic’s passion, intelligence, and integrity come shining through in this moving and inspirational book.

Although Krist Novoselic will undoubtedly be forever best-known as a member of Nirvana, his accomplishments go far beyond that remarkable achievement. Nirvana was a band with a conscience, and as a major label act they regularly played benefits—the first Rock For Choice show, a major concert in support of gay rights, and a legendary gig that raised money for the Balkan Women’s Aid Fund.

In 1995, Novoselic founded JAMPAC (Joint Artists and Music Promotions Political Action Committee), a proactive organization that advocated on behalf of Washington state’s music community. Novoselic’s work with JAMPAC helped Seattle club owners find ways to host all-ages shows, and was instrumental in helping to overturn the infamous Teen Dance Ordinance. And sometimes making music and making a statement go hand in hand, as when Novoselic, Soundgarden’s Kim Thayil, and drummer Gina Mainwal backed Jello Biafra as the “No WTO Combo” at a show performed during the World Trade Organization conference held in Seattle in 1999.

There have been other musical endeavors since Nirvana, as well as new causes (Novoselic is a strong supporter of electoral reform, an issue he has written about about extensively). The one constant is Novoselic’s desire to continue making progressive contributions to the community—and to keep on making good music.


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  • Paperback: 125 pages
  • Published: 9/1/04
  • IBSN: 9780971920651
  • e-IBSN: 9781617752230


KRIST NOVOSELIC was born in Compton, California in 1965 and grew up in Croatia and Aberdeen, Washington. He was a founding member of the legendary rock band Nirvana, and along with bandmates Kurt Cobain and David Grohl, Novoselic helped to change the course of music history in 1992 when Nirvana snapped up Billboard magazine’s number one spot with their highly acclaimed album Nevermind, which went on to sell millions of copies around the world. Nirvana opened the doors for a new generation of musicians and bands. After Nirvana, Novoselic went on to become one of rock music’s most politically minded musicians. He has committed himself to numerous community projects and is now an influential political voice in Washington State. Of Grunge and Government is Krist Novoselic’s first book, and he currently lives in Southwest Washington State.

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