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Cocoa the Tour Dog

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#1 best-selling reggae artist Stick Figure and #1 New York Times best-selling author Adam Mansbach team up for a sweet, funny children’s picture book about a real-life rescue dog turned worldwide icon

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What people are saying…

“Scott and Adam have done such an amazing job of taking us on this fun-filled journey. Readers will immediately smile as they experience Cocoa’s amazing life traveling around the world while enjoying every minute of life—whether on stage, or the tour bus! The illustrations … are absolutely breathtaking. Both kids and adults will enjoy the gorgeous bright colors used to illustrate Cocoa and Scott’s bond … This book will make the perfect gift for your next children’s birthday party!”
Daily Reggae

“Who doesn’t love a good story about a boy and his dog? Cocoa the Tour Dog is the true story of Scott, of the reggae band Stick Figure, and his canine companion, Cocoa . . . The images bring the story to life with the colorful pictures drawing readers into the story . . . Parents can use Cocoa’s story to illustrate topics from the importance of animal rescue and treating pets well, to the power of love and commitment. Just be careful—your young ones may want to get a tour dog of their own.”
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Age level: 0–8 | Grade Level: K–4 | Lexile Level: AD750L | F&P Level: O | MSL: 12.454 | MLF: 3.699

COCOA THE TOUR DOG is the saga of an Australian shepherd who meets her soul mate: a struggling musician, Scott, with dreams of spreading love on stages across the globe. When Scott’s work starts to pay off, Cocoa wanders onstage herself and finds sudden fame—and the two of them embark on an adventure that takes them around the world playing music, delighting fans, and ignoring leash laws.

But as the pace of life quickens, Cocoa begins to feel worn out—she misses the simpler times, and she’s no longer seeing the world with puppy eyes. Luckily, Scott has just the thing to restore Cocoa’s sense of wonder: a little sister dog. The two of them set off on an adventure to add Molly to the family, and soon Cocoa is teaching the puppy all about life on the road . . . and even how to take it to the stage.

Book Details

  • Hardcover: 36 pages
  • Published: 6/4/24
  • IBSN: 9781636141756
  • e-IBSN: 9781636141824


STICK FIGURE, a band with a distinctive sound developed through tireless attention to musicality and artistry, has redefined American reggae music with its latest album, Wisdom, released in September 2022. As with the band’s previous releases, Wisdom was written, produced, and recorded by Scott Woodruff, a self-taught musician. Wisdom is the band’s seventh album and follows the unprecedented success of 2019’s World on Fire, which peaked at #34 on the Billboard Top 200, as well as landing at #1 on both the independent and reggae album charts. World on Fire has sold over 400,000 copies and the band’s full catalog has sold well over one million copies and been streamed over four billion times. Cocoa the Tour Dog, coauthored with Adam Mansbach, is the band’s first book.

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ADAM MANSBACH is the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Go the Fuck to Sleep, as well as the novels The Golem of Brooklyn, Rage Is Back, The End of the Jews, (winner of the California Book Award), and Angry Black White Boy, and the memoir-in-verse I Had a Brother Once. With Dave Barry and Alan Zweibel, he coauthored For This We Left Egypt? and the best-selling A Field Guide to the Jewish People. His books for young readers include the New York Times bestseller Just Try One Bite and the award-winning Jake the Fake Series. Cocoa the Tour Dog, coauthored with the band Stick Figure, is his latest book.

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JUAN MANUEL OROZCO is a graphic artist and illustrator from Costa Rica. His most recent work is illustrating the children’s picture book, Cocoa the Tour Dog.

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