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Angel of the Underground


A foster child must confront a killer in this tale of horror and human depravity.

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“David Andreas’s debut novella, Angel of the Underground, will remind many horror fans of Stephen King’s first published novel, Carrie . . . Andreas’s tight and tense horror tale is a spellbinding and clever debut. He also has more on his mind than merely a straightforward thriller. His smart, sympathetic and engaging teen heroine grapples with the Catholic faith that has sustained her for so many years but now seems to have abandoned her. Proving good things come in small packages (the novel is just 165 pages), Angel of the Underground is a tight and thoughtful thriller, and a stellar introduction to a fresh new voice.”
Shelf Awareness for Readers

“The grit in Angel is laudable—as is Andreas’ determination to push our faces right up into some very uncomfortable domestic horrors.”
Rue Morgue Magazine

“Debuting author Andreas layers a sense of foreboding with spats of violence to create a sinister and atmospheric story that will appeal to horror fans.”

Angel of the Underground by David Andreas is a fun romp through a derelict doll factory . . . It is character heavy with just the right amount of suspense and gore to make it a horror purists dream . . . It is perfect for a vacation from reality without being trite or overly complicated . . . I strongly recommend it.”
Signal Horizon

“Horror fans will love David Andreas’s Angel of the Underground. With an intelligent teen heroine and a thrilling story that twists the Catholic faith and the dark reality of human nature, this story is truly a masterpiece you won’t be able to put down!”
My Shelf

“David Andreas was a super-talented contributor to Fangoria during its glory gory days. His fiction debut bodes well for readers of unique and scary horror.”
—Tony Timpone, former editor, Fangoria magazine


Part of Akashic’s Oddities Kaylie Jones Books imprint. Oddities Kaylie Jones Books is our experimental line that focuses on unconventional, edgy, risk-taking novels that boldly defy the traditional forms and conventions of the literary novel, with a focus on YA, horror, and mystery. While our primary emphasis is fiction, we will make space for exceptional memoirs with nontraditional elements and themes.

When three children in a Catholic group home are brutally murdered, the survivors are hurried into separate foster homes across Long Island. Robin Hills, a fifteen-year-old who has spent the past several years under religious care, is thrust into a new, dysfunctional family with no spiritual beliefs. No longer protected by the religion and the nun she had come to love, Robin is completely alone and enveloped in fear.

As the murders continue and Robin fears she may become the next victim, her faith increasingly falters. However, she finds solace in a budding friendship with Dennis, a boy her age living in her new foster home. Dennis’s kindness, his acceptance of Robin, and his bravery in the face of evil—born of his passion for horror movies— combine to reassure her that she’ll survive the killings.

Armed with this new friendship and fueled by a rage she finally discovers within herself, Robin finds the courage and self-reliance to confront the darkest aspects of human depravity.

Kaylie Jones is the award-winning author of five novels and a memoir. She teaches writing at two MFA programs and lives in New York City.

Book Details

  • Paperback: 160 pages
  • Published: 1/2/18
  • IBSN: 9781617756351
  • e-IBSN: 9781617756368
  • Hardcover
  • IBSN: 9781617756573


When his eyes fell upon Fangoria #82 during the spring of 1989, DAVID ANDREAS became addicted to all things horror. The highlight of his life (so far) is having interned there during the summer of 1999. While amassing several thousand reviews for his own website, splattercritic.com, David received a Master of Fine Arts degree from LIU Southampton. Since 2007, he’s been teaching English at several colleges, most notably St. Joseph’s College in Patchogue, NY. Angel of the Underground is his debut novel, and the flagship publication of ODDITIES KJB, an imprint of Kaylie Jones Books for fans of character-driven horror and speculative fiction.

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