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Catalog Tag: Girls Against Boys

Park Avenue b/w American White Dwarf


Clear vinyl from New York City’s Premier Noise Merchants. One song off of their new album, FREAK*ON*ICA, as well as a shocking DJ EJ remix that appears only on this 7″. First in a series of three GVSB 7″s. Limited pressing.

Psycho Future b/w Magattraction


Last in a series of three GVSB 7″s, this is the new single off GVSB’s latest album, FREAK*ON*ICA, and golden dust is blown off of Magattraction, a GVSB cornerstone from back in the day. Yellow vinyl, limited pressing.

Remix EP


This vinyl-only limited pressing features S5AV’s extended remixes of two Kojak Klassics—”Stick Out Your Tongue” and “Miramax #1.” Members of GVSB, Senator Flux and Gray Matter.

Roxy b/w Sigma Alpha Gamma Remix


DJEJ represents from House of GVSB Productions, slapping a squalophonic remix of “Vogue Thing” on the ass of the ultrarock classic, “Roxy.” Second in a series of three GVSB 7″s. Blue vinyl, limited pressing.



Recorded March 1996 at Inner Ear Studios by Tim Kerr and Don Zientara. Nine great songs with deep grooves, melodies, and conciousness.